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September 13, 2023

Yes, it’s been too long since my last post. Of course, I could claim time has a different meaning when you’re retired. However, I usually don’t feel as retired as much as doing different work. For the past months it’s been mainly writing and working outside with the garden, orchards, and landscaping. Interspersed were a few minor health complaints, and more time than expected getting a full sense of book 9 or Destiny’s Crucible. The latter is one of those things that can’t be solved with simply more hours.

A first draft of book 9 is complete, but there is quite a bit of work left. Allow me the analogy to a new road. The right-of-way is cleared, the roadbed finished, surfacing is all but complete, and it’s known where the road starts, stops, and what is seen along the way. However, there are no lines, signposts, rest stops, or gas stations. And, as happens, there may be washouts and unexpected detours to impact the final route. Bottom line is the book is on the way but without a release date.

There’s no title yet, but the current thinking is hovering around the word “sequester.” Maybe not the word itself, but the meaning.

There have been requests for snippets. I’ll see about it but lean against because whatever I post could change a little or a lot in the final version. As I said…we’ll see.

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2 weeks ago

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I’m so excited about the next book but I will enjoy the anticipation while you take good care of yourself. We all trust your process and getting lost in your worlds has always been worth any wait.♥️

Thanks for the update. Looking forward to next book. Love the series so far.

The series is fantastic. Worth the wait however long it takes.

Thanks for the time and consideration you've invested in each book and this story Olan. I've reread (ok, 'relistened' to) the books countless times and look forward to doing the same with book 9.

Thanks for the update, I'm definitely excited for book 9 and appreciate that the series continues to be fantastic. Best of wishes and hope you're in good health!

Thank you for the update! Absolutely love your work and can’t wait for the next volume of Destiny’s Crucible. Keep up the good work!

I absolutely love your series. I read them often. So ready for a new book. This needs to be a series on HBO or another big network

We eagerly await the next adventure!

I always welcome an update. You are about the only author that I truely can't wait for the next book. Others I like but the kolsko story's I can't get enough of.

Cant wait for the next book of your fantastic series Olan. I hope that your health is on the improve! My daughter called the other day and thanked me for putting her onto the Destiny’s Crucible series! Thanks for a wonderful series of books!!

Thank you for the update! Enjoy your retirement as best you can and don’t stop working on your garden, orchards, or landscaping…that stuff is so great for your mind, body, and soul. Take care of yourself first, that’s definitely the priority! I appreciate all the time and effort you spend on your work. The quality of the end product always shows the dedication you have to writing and is worth any amount of time I have to wait between books. 💞

Thank you for the update. I really enjoy your series.  i’ve bought all the books and read through them twice, sounds like it may be time to start through a third time.

So excited sir. Please take care of your health.

I look forward to reading once it is finished and the Audible version is released.

I'm waiting in anticipation. One of the best series in my opinion. I'm happy to proof read it for you 😆

I just finished the Paladins of Distant Suns trilogy and enjoyed them thoroughly. I'll be leaving a review on Amazon soon.

Perhaps you can only officially claim to be retired once you have completed the book we all so eagerly await.

Thanks for doing the hard work Olan. I mean the gardening and the yard work. They are not at the top of my semi retired list. Also, the most important thing to us loyal fans, book 9 of our story. We all feel so attached to the world you created. We will wait and be somewhat patient. Thank you for all your hard work.

My brother in law recommended the Destiny’s Crucible series to me earlier this year, and I was absolutely hooked from the moment I picked up book one. I’m a notoriously picky reader, and I just finished book 8 last night for the 3rd time. Anyar is such a fascinating world, I can’t get enough of it. Thanks for the update, hope you stay healthy and don’t work too hard!

Thanks for the update. Your books are a great escape.

I can't wait!

Thanks for the update glad to know you're ok always looking forward to the next book

Thanks Olan, good to hear from you.

Just waiting as best I can for the release. I may have to re-read the whole series if it takes too long. Not that that is a bad thing...

I've loved the series so far and I'm almost at the end of book 8. Very much looking forward to the next in the series and I'll definitely pick up your other books to read in-between.

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This is a book release news. Apologies, but it’s not for the Destiny’s Crucible series. That next book will come later this year. The current release is a 3-book series (Paladins of Distance Suns). The first in the series (A Tangled Road to Justice) was released in 2019 in ebook, paperback, and audio formats—the audio under a contract with Amazon. I had originally outlined a three-book series.

A Tangled Road to Justice is the only book I’ve written in first person instead of third person for all my other books—something I later regretted. Despite some reservations, I also followed some advice from an Amazon editor. Anyway, the book didn’t fare well, and I’ve had in mind to made a second edition. Which has come to pass.

I decided to complete the series while planning out book 9 in Destiny’s Crucible—which was a mistake because it took so much longer than anticipated to finished rewriting A Tangled Road to Justice and writing two sequels: An Elusive Eden, and Appointment at Nowhere. All three books are written in third person and are up on Amazon in ebook and paperback formats.

Unfortunately, due to entanglements with Amazon, it is unlikely to ever be audio versions of the three books just released. The exception being the original book 1 audio which is still available and where the basic story line is compatible with the just released three books (the main difference being the first person to third person switch).

With that out of the way, I’m back to work on book 9 of Destiny’s Crucible with scattered chapters written and a pile of notes I’ve accumulated.

Also, to answer queries I’ve received, all the books I’ve written are in the same “Universe.” That does not mean the stories/series directly connect or overlap. An infinite number of stories can be in the same “Universe” but be separated by time, distance, history, characters, and plot. All of my series and individual books are readable without needing to know anything about the other series and books. Thus, either Destiny’s Crucible or Paladins of Distant Suns can be read without familiarity with the other series.

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3 months ago

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I was very interested in the new series, until you said there won't be any audio books. Unfortunately, I got my bell rung a few too many times during my military career, and reading more than a page or two causes headaches and eye spasms. As such, audio books are about the only way I can enjoy books these days...

I started binge reading DC series this year and I’m in the middle of book 7 😍. Excellent work! Hooked!

I honestly really enjoyed A Tangled Road to Justice

Just finished the three books In "Paladins of Distant Suns." Very satisfying series, and quite enjoyable. Now it's on to the next book in either the Harbinger series or Destiny's Crucible.

Thank you Olan!! Looking forward to you next Destiny's Crucible. Will ladies fashion be changing on Anya? Has Robyn given away too much information? Lots to look forward to! Will have to check out the Tangled Road series too!

I was truly looking forward to a continuation of that series, so I’m very happy knowing this, even if it’s a wrap for that whole story line. My main format nowadays is audiobooks but no worries, I’m getting the printed version. Getting it the printed book because I don’t want to end up too confused with the changes to 3rd person. Thank you!

I’ve been a fan of the Destiny’s Crucible series for years. This new series is great fun! If you haven’t yet, I hope all the Crucible fans check out these great reads too! Just finished book one and onward to the next!

Can’t wait to read the new series! Thank you for all your hard work.

Can't wait for book 9. Absolutely love the series.

Too bad no audio book version. Counts me out:(

Whatever happened to the story about the female orthopedic surgeon ? Will there be character development about her ?

Also, to answer queries I’ve received, all the books I’ve written are in the same “Universe.” Hot Damn now i have to read all the others books

I liked the Paladins series. The book cover art was not so great. I think sharp book cover art can get a reader to pick up the book or eBook and give it a try. You improved the cover book art on the Destiny's Crucible series from decent to very nice. I know its the story that's important but a sharp book cover can get a potential reader's interest.

I didn't notice anything wrong with Tangled Road to Justice and enjoyed it just fine. Glad there are more!

Just finished book 8 of Destiny’s. Patiently waiting for 9

Cant wait for the two new books for Tangled road to justice

Fantastic news. More power to your (writing) elbow! Just bought the set.

Will there be a second book as a continuation of "Harbinger"?

Excellent news! More to read from one of my favorite authors!

About to order now

"Destiny's Crucible ", is one of my all time favorite book series. I am so attuned to the characters, that now it is as if they actually exist in the real world.

I just ordered the bundle. Like Steve Foerster’s post above, I have already read and liked Book 1. Now- Back to work on the Destiny series, please!

💔 goodness I was so excited for a second there!

May your Muse keep on musing!

Please make book 9 when yosefs wife find out he is from a different planet

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Proof that space aliens are already among us.

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3 months ago

Video image

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He missed. He was trying for pi, right? I remember exploding these when trying to go that fast in the early 80s! 😂

I think that species is called Asians.

I receive many requests for books I would recommend, something I hesitate to do since personal opinions are just that—personal opinions. Often you may not be able to explain why a specific book is appealing while another one that is highly praised leaves you cold. Given that, here’s thirteen book from two sources: 1) I’ve read in the last year as part of a Science Fiction/Fantasy book club. Being in the club has obligated me to read many books I otherwise wouldn’t try or have avoided over many years for one reason or another. 2) What’s staring at me from one shelf of books in my work room.
One constant is that most of these are not new.

First is three books that commonly appear on all-time best science fiction lists—all three I’ve managed to avoid until the last year.
Hyperion by Dan Simmons: I’ve owned a paperback of this book for so long the pages are turning yellow. I just couldn’t get myself past the summary/reviews. Alas, it seems my gut feeling was good. Bottom line is I have no interest in reading either of the two sequels. I suspect a major problem I have is that I don’t care for/sympathize with any of the characters. Also, the political background didn’t work for me.
Downbelow Station by C.J. Cherryh: I bought into the political setup more than Hyperion—for whatever reason. Liked/sympathized with some of the characters. Had a reasonably positive ending. I had only read one of Cherryh’s books in the distant past and didn’t like. I’ll have to reconsider and try more.
A Fire Upon the Deep by Vernor Vinge: I’ll recommend this one. A unique take on how a different form of sentience might evolve. Also full of tropes, which isn’t necessarily bad: castaway children amidst alien races, politics of that race’s factions, rescue attempts, and so on. Also some food for thought.

Four more books from the book club:
The Paper Menagerie by Ken Liu: This is an anthology by the translator of The Three-Body Problem of Cixin Liu. Turns our KL is quite a good writer. As with most anthologies, the reactions will be mixed, depending on the short story. Some didn’t do anything for me, but several are quite good. A moderate recommendation and expectation that almost anyone would like at least some of the stories.
Klara and the Sun by Kazo Ishiguro: Yes, this is the Kazo Ishiguro who won the Nobel Prize for Literature, his most famous book being Remains of the Day. The plot is about an android/robot and its observations on humans and understanding emotions. Sorry, but it didn’t do anything for me. I’ll grant maybe I don’t understand great “literature” but obviously plenty of people think it’s a great book. I’d recommend reading reviews and see what you think.
Tom Derringer and the Aluminum Airship by Lawrence Watt-Evans: It’s the first of a series and I won’t be reading book 2. To me, read like intended for 9-12 olds who liked Percy Jackson. Lots of “derring-do” plot devices I didn’t buy and characters I didn’t believe were real. Forced myself to finish since it was in the book club.
Ancient Civilizations: Lamentations and Magic by Russell Cowdry: Okay, here’s why I disclaim any obligation to be consistent. I could give similar comments as I did for the Tom Derringer book, but for some reason I got invested in what happens next. Don’t ask me why, but there it is. I could even give specific criticisms, but I still liked it. Maybe just one of those you go with the premise. Maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s the writer. It’s on Kindle, so give it a look.

Now from my one shelf of many shelves. One of my favorite genres is apocalypse stories. The first two are pandemics. One of my gripes about such stories is having to have the disease created by the evil scientist/terrorist/cultist/take you pick. Nature is perfectly capable of generating anything you can imagine. In these two books, a common, and too true thread, is that we don’t have either the systems or leaders in place to handle a truly major epidemic much worse than covid.
The End of October by Lawrence Wright: This was a New York Times best seller and is good. A few too many cliches, but got kudos for coming out before covid hit. A good read though I give it a slight downgrade for leaning too heavily on a conspiracy which seems to be considered required for too many such books.
DRYP: The Final Pandemic by R.A. Scheuring: As far as my opinion, the far better book, though not a positive ending. Gives the best account of what truly is likely to happen if a disease with very high fatality rate were to arise. Not for the squeamish, but characters to root for and regret losing. Highly recommended if you like the genre. There is a sequel, but it's about the aftermath and very similar to numerous other books.

And the final four books from that bookshelf:
The Hercules Text by Jack McDevitt: A signal from space to be decoded and the consequences of access to technology humans are not ready for. One of the best of this plot device. Ends with a major conundrum.
Einstein’s Bridge by John Cramer: Good solid story that’s engaging to read. A mashup of alternative history, horrendous aliens, and whatever. It's actually 20-30 years old but just coming out on Kindle next month. I’ll probably reread it to see if it’s a new addition from my old paperback.
Island in the Sea of Time by S.M. Stirling: First of a trilogy. One of the best of the alternative histories where a person, or in this case many people as group, go back in time and change what would have been. In this case, the island of Nantucket is thrust back 2000+ years. Very highly recommended. There’s also a spinoff series of what happens to modern day Earth when the island goes away. The second series is long and I quit reading it about book 6. For me, the first 2-3 books are the only ones worth reading. Stick with the Nantucket books.
Legacy of Heorot by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle: Not a complex plot, but a good story about how a colony to another planet gets in trouble with an alien ecology. Nothing deep, but a good read. Recommended.

Whew, this turned out longer than I expected.
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5 months ago

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If you liked the Island in the Sea of Time trilogy try The Peshawar Lancers by the same author. It's only one book but left me wishing for sequels (actually I read a short story sequel somewhere but can't remember the title or where I read it).

Recently read the Martian and project Hail Mary by Andy weir. Loved both, but reaaaaally loved project Hail Mary. Think DC fans would feel right at home

This is a great listen while we wait.

I'm currently re-reading "Sentenced To Prism" by Alan Dean Foster. I read it years ago and for some reason I decided to read it again. It's just as enjoyable. Although it's supposed to be part of a series it is, in fact, a stand-alone story.

Thanks for the recommendations! Can’t wait to check out DRYP!

Nice Blast!

Appreciate the list and the context. I’m always nervous starting new books, authors, or series.

Shoutout to the Legacy of Heorot. Same for me with the Change series but I last until book 7.

Thanks for the comments on the books. Agree. John Cramer’s Twistor is good,and I have been wanting to read his Einstein’s Bridge. With rare exceptions, I just read ebooks, and thanks to your head’s up, I pre-ordered it. I look for books about world building. Alternate history is a good genre for that. Also most excellent are your Destiny’s Crucible series- please keep those coming.

Thank you for the recommendations. Some of the books you mention are (still) unknown to me.

I recommend an old series from the 80's. It's a three book series, The Trigon Disunity by Michael P. Kube-McDowell. Fun and smart good science fiction. The 3 titles are, Emprise, Enigma, and Emprey. After a set back in technology, a signal from 20 light years away, and a race to get a space program up and running, the first book hooked me. I reread them about 15 years ago. They still hold up pretty well. I loved the drive engines they come up with. Anyone else read them?

My 2 cents for great series by a couple of Australian writers: the Spiral Wars series by Joel Sheppard & the Mapped Space series by Stephen Renneberg (have to get most on paper back - takes forever for them to reach kindle.) Along with Destiny’s Crucible and, to a lesser extent, Evan Currie’s Odyssey One series, i eat these books like candy when a new one comes out.

Have you read The Sword of Jupiter by Travis Starnes? It has a very similar story to your Destiny's Crucible series.

Love all these recommendations,, have not read some of them,,,, other series I loved are Axis of Time by John Birmingham and also The Shield: a two book series by Nachman Kataczinsky

Dan Simmons fan. Loved Hyperion series. AIs are not your friend. Island in the Sea of Time 3 books are excellent. Einstein's Bridge is a different take on bridges to elsewhere. Aliens beyond horrendous. Love the book. Heorot is OK. May re-read. It's a bit of a one note book.

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March 20, 2023

It’s spring. At least some plants thought it was a month ago. Early budding and then freezes. Last night was 14 degrees. Looks like no peaches, apricots, or plums this year since they budded out way too early. Still hoping for cherries and apples.

The rewrite of A Tangled Road to Justice and the first sequel have gone to my editor. Book 3 not ready yet. Getting anxious to get to book 9 of Destiny’s Crucible. Yozef’s life is about to get more complicated.

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6 months ago

March 20, 2023

It’s spring. At least some plants thought it was a month ago. Early budding and then freezes. Last night was 14 degrees. Looks like no peaches, apricots, or plums this year since they budded out way too early. Still hoping for cherries and apples.

The rewrite of A Tangled Road to Justice and the first sequel have gone to my editor. Book 3 not ready yet. Getting anxious to get to book 9 of Destiny’s Crucible. Yozef’s life is about to get more complicated.


Comment on Facebook

Can't wait. I look forward to all your works!

I was wondering if you were going to venture into writing more about Martha Whitworth’s adventure’s. I’d be very interested in that story Olan.

I live in your area and am worried about the Berry crops! Lots of damage done by such a hard freeze at this time.

Rereading a fearful symmetry for the third time. I share others concern that Olan might find himself boxed into a too difficult of a situation. However, the ‘educated‘ Narthani have excepted the truth of aliens and earth. I have thought of several waysJoseph could enlighten his immediate family, and I see as most promising a gathering of the flight 4382 people with their families on a Six day excursion. It is unknown, how the Narthani will make use of this information; sharing it with potential Cadellium allies is one possibility, but who would believe them? I see the better health of their families and Bronwyn‘s family as an issue for difficult opinions, especially by Heather. — — — Very glad to read that other couples are reading books together, my significant other, and I have read maybe a dozen series together so far, just completing the Iron Druid Chronicles, and I hope to move to this series with her next!  — — — Regarding ‘Harbinger’, like climate change, we Earthlings are too caught up in our interdependencies to make necessary changes.  A sad truth.

Can't wait for the next chapter, that AI is leading to many questions.

Looking forward to book 9!

I hear you on the pace of spring. In my Mastodon account, I had written this haiku a few weeks ago here in New England: Small blades pierce white coats On a march to fell the cold. Soon the field bleeds green. only to have to follow recently with: Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow. Nature's signs were spelling "spring". That's now whited out.

Destiny’s Crucible is the only continuous story series that I’ve ever read/completed in my 69 years. It’s wonderful and my family looks forward to the next instalment. It would make a good miniseries, but, like the books, it would be for smart people …

I am now on book 8 for the second time reading through the series. I am really enjoying the content and am ready to jump on book 9 when it comes out. Great Series. 🙂

Why are you rewriting it?

Book 9 of Destinees crucibles .I’m sure will be interesting. I am a little bit worried though .Olan might paint himself in a corner. I don’t want to see this series ending. trying to think in Olen’s head.  Heather sidetracks the truth by painting, some murals of undersea cities. Instead of outer space, undersea space. The planet is 80% ocean, so just might work. This way, he’s not a outer space freak .

Fantastic news all around. For DC - I wish you would bring in a Medical Doctor (from Earth) and that person work with Mark and Yosef to continue to astonish Cadellium with advances just in time to fend-off the evil leadership of Narthani. The Doctor could introduce medical procedures that help the general population but also to help the battle-field injuries. It would be a evil dominant empire against a small force producing unbelievable resistance.

Ah...duh. He's lied to his two wives. He's lied to everyone in Cadellium. He's an outer space Alien. His friends, family, and country men have no way to grasp that statement. The people of Anyar are 2 centuries from space flight. Olan, I don't envy you. How will Yosef explain this revelation. Will he be trusted again. Will, after a pause, the people will come to a glimmer of understanding. It's Yosef. In their hearts his friends will come to realize that this story is not that hard to believe. Remember, it's Yosef. Carnigan will just slap him on the back and laugh and say, he knew it all along!

You are one of the best world builders I have read. I hope Jozef lives a long life in your stories.

Faster, faster!

I really enjoy the book series about Anjar. Regarding the latest 4th earthling joining the group on Cadellium, the lady economist. Our universities do not really teach real economics, specially the topic of how money is created. The disinformation in this regard is on purpouse. The character Jozef Kolsko longs for someone that can take over money matters for expansion on Anjar. Olan, I strongly and warmly suggest to watch the documentary called "The Money Masters" by Bill Still (can be found on YouTube, ca 3.5 hours long). Excellent documentary, older but 100% valid, about our money system and what insights are withheld from the general public. Cheers and please do keep up the writing of the next Anjar book! 🙂

Why should I buy the rewrite of Tangled? I loved the original, and I thought the use of the first person was well done. I confess I read each of your books at least twice, but I wonder what you have improved to make me interested in reading the rewrite. Not criticizing, just asking.

Last chapter of book 8 certainly brought yosef to a Fearful symmetry , waiting for book 9 , please don't delay

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Feb 12, 2023

Winter is moving along and not a quarter inch of snow so far this year. Not that I want too much, but if it’s going to be cold there should be regular snows of 1-3 inches just for how good it looks. Also noticed some of the fruit trees are showing bud growth, so it’s time to start early spring/late winter pruning.

Now for the important stuff. The latest writing project has involved the book “A Tangled Road to Justice.” It was originally written under construct with Amazon Audible and didn’t sell. Ignoring for the moment that the possibly reason is the writer didn’t do a good job, I believe two problems were that it was written in first person, which may not be the writer’s forte. It also involved suggestions in writing and revisions from an Audible editor, which the author went along with perhaps too easily.

Anyway, the book has been rewritten in third person and drafts of two sequels are in the revision stage. Since I’m so bad at estimating release, all I can say is likely in the May range for all three.

I also have pages, and pages, and pages of notes for Book 9 of Destiny’s Crucible and for the Harbinger sequel. At the moment, looks like book 9 will be next in the queue. Please, no moaning. :>)

Also, the final chapter of the series is settled and involves...
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7 months ago

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Yeah, we all love DC but Harbinger was awesome and that story could go a lot of cool directions with Olan at the helm. I totally love Olan and DC but book 8 was my least favorite. Just my humble opinion.

I love destiny’s crucible. Best series out there

I enjoyed a tangled road it was a interesting mix of sci-fi and western

I love the Crucible series and am so looking forward to Book 9.

Can't wait. Your books are amazing!!!

Olan Thorensen, I'll send some snow over to you from snowy Norway. We have MORE than enough as it is. 😉

Just reread 1 to 8 to have my mind refreshed for book 9.

I can’t wait for book 9!!!

Will the Tangled revision make it to Audible? I'll still read it the old fashioned way if not, but audio is my preference. Just curious!


dot dot dot??? I need so much more info than dot dot dot!!!

Oh... No! the final chapter?

Tentative title for book nine - "plan nine from outer space" Since Joe is from Space...

I'm looking forward to re-reading Tangled road in 3rd person, the first person narrative didn't quite work for me either but I really liked the premise. Very cool that we will get a 1st and 3d person view of the story! How often do you get that opportunity from the same author! Amazing to see the products of your writing evolution. I just finished book 8 of DC and also can't wait for the next one in that series either!

Olan Thorensen I’ve literally just finished A fearfull symmetry. And just had to reach out. The last couple of paragraphs , have rocked my very being. What a fantastic book, what a fantastic ending, what a fantastic experience! Please don’t make me wait too long for the next. Thank you 🙏

Libro 9 ¿cuándo????! Olan Thorensen 😎

I normally am a patient reader… Unfortunately I broke my femur while at physical therapy last week and ended up with more metal in me and a couple months of recovery time. I need new books.

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Patience on this year’s story. It takes a couple of days to send it. After trying two mail service companies, I gave up on them. For thing, many people’s systems recognized emails from services as spam and that’s where the story goes. What I defaulted to was just using gmail. However, gmail has a limit on how many bcc addresses at a time it will allow. Also, there’s a limit on how many per day. Thus, I send out the stories and other emails to the mail list in batches of 200. Those who haven’t already gotten this year’s story will get it tomorrow. Olan ... See MoreSee Less

9 months ago

Comment on Facebook

Just finished book 8 and I must say. You sir are a genius. I loved it from front to back. You are awesome. When’s book 9 coming out? ( yes, I know. I have no shame.)

Currently halfway through the latest book. Husband is 2/3rds through and son has finished. Meanwhile a couple I know are currently touring around our beautiful state of Tasmania (Australia) and listening to it in the car. Thank you for this wonderful series Olan!

Olan thorensen. Looking forward to it my friend! Any reason I should wait to read the Christmas story if I am not yet finished with the new book? 

Quick! How do I sign up?

Hi Olan Thorensen. Did the story go out to all subscribers? I'm on the mailing list but haven't received the story yet.

Thank you Olan Thorensen ! I just received a short story in my emails. Happy Holidays ! Thanks for your books , keeps my mind entertained which is harder to do the older I get.

Well. Just finished book 8. ... I NEED BOOK 9 ! 😉

The quality of your creativity and story telling ability is superb and compelling. I am saving the last half of A Fearful Symmetry for listening during my travel on Christmas Day. Have an excellent Christmas and Happy New Year.

Hi yes, I'm just here to display my top fans badge. Proud to wear it. Really love your story telling, thank you Olan Thorensen !! Take your time on the next one, work life balance and all that!

Is it still possible to get added to your email Olan?

Olan Thorensen you're awesome! I'm really enjoying A Fearful Symmetry. This is one of my all time favorite series. I hope you have a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Listening to A Fearful Symmetry right now. Thank you 😊.

Thanks so much! Merry Christmas 🎄

This years Christmas story does not appear to be on your web site yet. I've mentioned about you to some other fans (who haven't subscribed to your mailing list) and pointed them in the direction of your website for the stories so far.

Thank you for your work and your commitment! Marry Christmas!

Happy holidays Olan!

Happy holidays

Thanks for letting us know 😊 Merry Christmas. 🎁

Merry Christmas Olan! You gave my brother and I a series to bond over.

Klaviyo or mailchimp

Mail chimp will take care of your emailing needs.

Thank you

Appreciate you boss!

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Any Facebook gurus out there? I could use some advice. If I understand it, there's a bot putting out messages from my page to people. Messages like "Can you tell me something about yourself" and "Where are you located?" How do I stop this. Getting help from Facebook is...well, you know. Thanks for any advice. ... See MoreSee Less

9 months ago

Comment on Facebook

Okay, here's a recent example. Let's call the person who wanted to be on the mail list is FanX. FanX messages me in FB with their email address. Then, another message from FanX is the following "Where are you located?" which I'm seeing regularly from different people and I'm sure FanX didn't sent it. Then...there's a response supposedly from me, but that I didn't send. This one is "Hi, thanks for contacting us. We've received your message an appreciate your reaching out." Again what's going on? Is this from both me an other people, and how do I stop. I already changed passwords and relogged in.

Okay. I've changed the password. Now just have to wait and see if those spurious comments appear again. Thanks.

Is it really coming from your account or has someone cloned your account using a picture of yours to make people think it's you?

Data Privacy and Data Protection Professional here. This is standard OPs for hackers. They get you to click a link which gives them access to your account and information like your personal information and list of contacts and their contact information (email, phone numbers and family information). As others have mentioned already, yes do change your password on FB. If you think you clicked a link or went to a site from a device or computer with other apps they might be able to access, best to do a thorough password change across as much, if not all apps and accounts. It's a PITA but best to be safe than sorry. For those contacts that did get contacted watch for other forms of phishing to come to your email and/or phones (whatsapp etc.) with other links to click or the "I am a friend of your son/daughter/brother/sister. Send money they have been injured" type of phishing scam. Just be vigilant for a long while. Hackers are patient and also make money just by selling what they have stolen here. Do a Google search on your name, address and other personal information regularly just to see if this information has spread. Also go to websites like "Have I been PWNed" (note I never include links) to check if they have found your personal information in dark web or sold to other hacker sources. Lastly, Have a safe and Merry Christimas/Frohe Weihnachten. Thank-you Olan for the GREAT reads!

I’ve noticed that comes up when I’m on the page of a business and I’m looking at something they are selling

You logged into your account at an unsecured device/pc and your log-in info got stolen.

2-Factor authentication will reduce the risk of someone being able to log into your Facebook. It won’t prevent nefarious cloning of your name and pics. People need to report those.

I think they are comment suggestions from the FB bot. I just touched one and it posted, ‘where are you located? ‘ on your messenger page.

I think you can change your password and that should fix the issue. There might be a way to “sign out of all devices as well. Do you see the outgoing messages in messenger?

I think it’s just a thing Facebook business does

Report them from the drop down bar from their name.

I get.friend.requests. every day from people already on my friend lists. Reported and it.continues.

I got that message.

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This is the yearly reminder about the mailing list that gives book release alerts and the yearly holiday short story that will go out to members in about a week. Anyone wanting to join should give me your email here or at olanthorensen@gmail.com. Olan ... See MoreSee Less

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This is the yearly reminder about the mailing list that gives book release alerts and the yearly holiday short story that will go out to members in about a week.  Anyone wanting to join should give me your email here or at olanthorensen@gmail.com.    Olan

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I’m listening to A Fearful Symmetry right now! Loving it!

Hopefully we see some action in the next book. I miss colsco directing battles.

Would you consider putting out a glossary of names? Firstly after such a long break from the previous audio, I have forgotten the positions of some of the individuals held. Secondly, the character names sound so foreign it's at times difficult to track who is who when speaking. Finally, we need a reminder of the different communities and towns/cities. Interested to know how others feel about this.

Ready up to chapter 6, loving it ❤️

Book signing!?!

I am so excited!!!!






I sent an email to olanthoresen@gmail.com and it bounced saying no such account. I tried from Yahoo and Gmail.

 If I am not on it, please add me jdavid.sharp@gmail.com



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