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Coming back from Denver after two weeks away from home there was a happening that came just short of being too unbelievable.

If you remember from “Cast Under an Alien Sun,” Joe’s plane was near Denver when it collided with an alien spacecraft. Joe was sitting in seat 27A. Next to him was a Hispanic girl in 27B.

On our return flight, from Denver, I suddenly realized something. I was sitting in 30A, just three seats behind where Joe was. My grandson was in 29A and his mother, with a Hispanic ancestry, was in 29B. With just a few seat adjustments forward, I would have REALLY started to wonder. Still…I looked out the window a few times…just in case.
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1 month ago

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Update - his grandson is very pleased not to have lost his mother but is very disappointed he remains on boring Earth today.

I was listening to the audiobook on a flight from the west coast to the midwest as the story was unfolding with eerily similar details as my travels. I’m sure I checked out the window a few times as well. 😄

Reading Fearful Symmetry now. Only 170 pages left. I don’t want it to end... Thank you for the series and all the hard work it must take. I can’t wait for more!

Ok, Fearful Symmetry was AWESOME! But that cliffhanger is just mean!!! So imma need you to hurry up and release the next book asap plzkthx. 😉

I guess you are still hear. Waiting for the audio version of the next book. 😋😋

I just finished "A Fearful Symmetry". Can't wait for the next one!

Any update on the audio book version ? I have been spoilt for years now and just cant take the time to sit and read

I thought you were going to say you saw an UFO.

Really enjoying this series Olan -

Time to go back and read these again!

Love that series....

What's the phrase, life following fiction? Lol

✈️ + 👽 = ❤️ 📖

Olan did that same feeling occurred to you, when you were skinny-dipping on the beach.??

was it the same kind of aircraft? Loved that series, is there going to be more then you have written so far? I love the culture that allowed joseph to flourish and add more to a society then he would have on earth. jump starting the industrial revolution. I hope they take in to account the mistake we made during the that revolution.

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Back home after two weeks of travel. First week was visiting Carlsbad Caverns for the first time (totally cool place – literally and figuratively). Then wound way north visiting friends and my editor (Patti Waldygo) until reaching Westcliffe, Colorado for a week-long reunion of Kathleen’s family. Lots of stark, green, forested, bare, beautiful, foreboding, etc terrain – depending on the specific place. It was a good time, but good to be home again.

There was a spooky happening on the return, but I’ll save that for a follow-up posting.

Lot’s of garden work to do after being gone two weeks at the height of the growing season. Tomatoes/cucumbers to prune down to keep from getting too big, weeds that popped up since we left, doing summer pruning on fruit trees to control from getting too big, plus several moderate projects to do before fall.

Books? Oh yeah. Those. :>) Best to project book 9 of Destiny’s Crucible to come out a year from now. It takes time for everything to gel…or should I say until everything “comes to me.” In the next months there will be working on two projects. One is Harbinger 2. The other is the projected four-book series starting with “A Tangled Road to Justice.” The latter was not successful, but I’m persistent…which can or cannot be a virtue. The original involved me experimenting plus taking advice from an Amazon Editor (not my regular) that may not have been the best. I’m rewriting the first book and have the following three already outlined.
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1 month ago

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Well I enjoyed a tangled Road to justice I would like to see it other stories following the same storyline

Glad that you're working on Harbinger and Justice. I particularly liked the concept of Justice, somewhere between Seven Samurai and secret agents. Hope you find the inspiration to carry these onwards.

I really enjoyed a Tangled Road to Justice & would love to read more in this series. Just finished Harbinger (we have the Kindle edition (for me) and the Audible book for my husband) & all I can say is it is a fantastic story. Absolutely love anything you write! Thanks for sharing the stories in your head & heart. You are a favorite of my husband and I.

Happy to see all three avenues pursued, but it's nice you got to vacation. You're writing books that span a globe, so it's best you visit some of our globe's venues to keep your mind open to the many ways things can vary. (And surely there must be a tax deduction for necessary research?)

i loved "a tangled road..." read everything you've written... want you to start jogging and eating right so i have a LONG time ahead of me reading more of your awesome imagination !!

I just finished Harbinger last week, I'm glad to see that the sequel is in the works!

I enjoyed all your books including A Tangled Road to Justice” and “The Pink Flamingo”. Will we see any more of Greta Havorsford?

Sounds great!!

Any word yet when the audiobook for “A Fearful Symmetry” will be released?

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Paperback of "A Fearful Symmetry" is now up on Amazon. ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

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When will it be on audible?

Finally get to sit down and start digging into this book. 🙌 happy Friday! Have a good weekend everyone ! .

Awesome!! I will have paperback version in 2 days!!! Thanks Olan Thorensen for producing another book so fast . I'm sure it will be amazing as always. Can't wait to see what the 2 new Americans bring to the table. So exciting!

Already bought...read and left a review on Amazon

Olan i just completed the book fearful symmetry. I think is the fastest I read one of your books and the longest one. Question when can we expect the next one looking forward to read it. Great history. Kudos Olan Thorensen

Just finished the ebook. Very, very good! 🏆

Just finished! Very good, found myself glued to it the last 4 days. It hard to cook, do chores ect while simultaneously reading lol! I thoroughly enjoyed and looking forward to the next installment on the trials and tribulations of Anyar!!

The book was so good and the ending was a cliffhanger. Any idea when the next book in the series might be published?

I'm excited but I want the audio book so I have to wait.

Greatly enjoyed your latest book! Wow. Thank you for putting a bright spot in our world.

Already finished and left a review. Awesome book, but after that cliff at the end, I need more.

Amazing Book! Thank you !

I'm not happy that you didn't even touch on the cliffhanger in the previous book, only to leave us with a new and completely separate cliffhanger in this one.

Please post info on when the audiobook is gonna be ready for us who don’t read so good/prefer to listen. Thanks.

This is more related to “A Dubious Peace” item, but I suspect Mark Kaldwell would appreciate the video I just watched about the importance of the metal lathe. youtu.be/djB9oK6pkbA

When is audiobook out?

I got my audio book.

And now to have it on my shelf

My copy is extra-special, it has 2 chapter 31s.



So.... Can we assume book 9 comes next month? 😉

An absolutely increredible & captivating book!! I must ask, when do you plan on the next installment?

Love the book! Reflected correlation with Ukraine uniting as a type of NATO against Russia.

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Only a few more days. Sorry book 8 isn’t out now, but while inputting the files to Amazon it got locked into a date in a manner I’m not clear how it happened.

I’ve had a couple of messages from people reading the Facebook announcement about book 8’s release – saying they did not realize there was a mail list for release announcements. Being on the list avoids having to check Amazon for new books. It also gets the member the yearly Christmas-time short story. For example, people on the mail list last December had the opportunity to know what Januspuvako is and why it’s important to the Fuomi. They also know how a keiko horn and the musoni plant are related to Januspuvako, how Urglors are important in Fuomon history, and what is an erscorpka and how a particular one fascinated Yozef. Finally, they know what Yozef confessed to Eina and Rhaedri.

Anyone not on the mail list can still read the short stories by finding them on the web pages that you may not know exist. Go to olanthorensen.com for information, maps, short stories, etc. However, the short stories are only on the web page after 6-8 months, so the 2021 story is not there yet. Until the story is posted to the web page, I usually, I send out the latest XMAS story to batches of new mail list members.

Anyone wanting to be on the mail list can join by using the contact pages at olanthorensen.com, respond to this Facebook posting, or by emailing me their mail address at olanthorensen@gmail.com.

To anyone thinking they were already on the list and somehow think they are not...who knows what happened? Just send me your address and we'll try again.

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2 months ago

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Love me some Destiny’s Crucible. Keep ‘em coming!

One issue with the new book is the Blood types. It says AB can't give and can't receive. AB are universal receivers, they can receive blood from anyone but can only give to people with AB. O are universal donars they can give blood to anyone but can only receive blood from O types.

I was gonna say Saturdays a weird day for release. Its normally Tuesday or Friday.

Just finished the book. Amazing, but that cliff at the end...

Would love to be added to your mailing list. Geokjp@gmail.com

Would love to be added to your mailing list jpeguero103@gmail.com

I'd like the email! Listening to Destiny for the 5th time right now! We just met Alys 🙂 silverram01@gmail.com Thanks!

I would also love to be added to the email list! Razi.abdullah95@gmail.com

Love the Christmas stories!

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"A Fearful Symmetry" is up on Amazon for pre-order for June 18 ebook release. The paperback will follow as soon as I get to it. The audio will be 3-4 months later (depends on audio company schedule). ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

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I bought the last one and never had time to get further than halfway through before I got the audio book and finished it from the beginning in two days lol. I intend to do the same when this one comes out.

Excellent news! This is one of my favorite series and last couple of weeks have been rough. Definitely gives me something to look forward to

Man, I can't wait for the audible.

Kindle version insta-preordered and the paperback and Audible versions will suffer the same fiscal fate when they become available.

Not seeing it on Amazon yet. Glad ut will be available to read on my upcoming cruise!

I have lost track the amount of times I have listened to the entire series

Still not showing up on my Amazon. Grrrr.

We were promised the book a week ago and now we have to wait another week... I'm suffering here!

Have to search by book title. Got it now have to wait until 18th.

Tell us where to email to have that audio book schedule moved up. 😉

Wish audio would be first.. Im an audiobook snob

I hope we get to see Joseph interact with the watchers.

I ordered the Kindle version.

Finally!!! Thank you Olan!!! Very much looking forward to reading it

Fantastic. Ordered.

Pre ordered. ✔️✔️✔️🤗

Any news on the release date for the audiobook?


That’s fantastic news! Can’t wait to get lost in it 🙂

Not showing up

Sorry, not showing up for Amazon Canada. okay I see it now - thanks Alpharius Omegon ... Sort by newest arrival and it shows up.

Ordered 😁

I can’t wait

Don’t see it yet but can’t wait!

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Close. Very close. :>) A Fearful Symmetry is near ready for submission to Amazon. Another few days. In the meantime:



In the beginning, the 245 children of Earth who flew together were strangers or couples or family members. Then there were 27, lost to their hearths, never to return, scattered singly or by twos, the scattered never intended to meet. Five of those lost children awoke naked on beaches of a planet circling a G-type sun whose light would reach Earth in 346 years. That sun was ordinary, one of a similar 8,813 within that distance from Earth.
Their previous lives ended, those five of Earth’s lost children faced an unknown future. All five desired to survive, but the conditions of that survival rested on their inner resources, the happenstance of location, and a capricious universe.
Years passed. Three of the lost children found one another, gaining a degree of solace. Two orphans remained consigned, they believed, to never speaking to anyone from Earth and living their remaining time in the lives forced on them. Each of the five had reconciled, to a degree, with his or her second life. On a particular night, each of the five was coincidentally awake at the same moment.

Southeastern Krinolin

He woke when Huriko cried. The child was five months old, sleeping through most of the night but occasionally waking hungry. He would have risen to comfort the baby, but only Remika’s breasts could slake the child’s hunger. The sky seen through their small thatched hut’s south window hinted at dawn’s approach.
“It’s almost light,” she said. “I’ll feed and change him. He’ll go back to sleep.”
“Go ahead. I’ll watch a moment before raising the fire for morning meal.”
She smiled. Her husband was strange in many ways. For most Krinolin families, infant care took place out of the husband’s sight. But not her husband. She was at first perplexed that he seemed to enjoy not only watching her ministrations to their two children, but often participating where he could or observing when he could not. She still refrained from telling this to other women, had cautioned him about his behavior in public, and was unsure how to feel about her pleasure at his interest.
She rose from the sleeping mattress, picked up the baby from his cradle, and sat on a stool where her husband could watch her slide the nightshirt from her shoulders and position the child to latch onto her left breast.
He had had no wife or children before the impossible and was endlessly amazed what a difference they made. Watching Remika feed Huriko was only one diversion that elicited his smiles, which came ever more frequently. Other pastimes were looking at Remika, no matter the occasion; hearing three-year-old Susmika speak her first full sentences, even if they were in Krinolese, rather than English; playing with both children when no one else was in sight; and reveling in moments when his explanation of a new mathematical concept was grasped by enthusiastic young scribes—their elation both a bitter and sweet reminder of his students at San Francisco State.
Not that his mood was always carefree. He never lost focus that his and his family’s wellbeing depended on Lord Jansatsu Hameeko, ruler of the Krinolin prefecture where he’d been cast away. His status had been uncertain until Hameeko named him Jalabo, after deciding the stranger found on one of his beaches had useful knowledge.
He had given up cringing when called by the name. It was what it was. He was no longer Hakeem Stambouli. He was Jalabo for the rest of his life. And it wasn’t all that bad a life. Not what he could have imagined or wanted, but it could be much worse. He had been surprised when, a month ago and for the first time in over a year, a question crossed his mind. What he would do if the opportunity to return to Earth suddenly appeared? There was a time when the answer would have been automatic. Now, he realized his family complicated the issue.
He smiled, remembering the passage from Francis Bacon. “He that hath wife and children hath given hostages to fortune; for they are impediments to great enterprises, either of virtue or mischief.”
His smiled widened as he remembered trying to impress a date by saying the quote was from Shakespeare. The disdainful English literature major corrected him and declined a second date.
He had had no family on Earth. But now? Yes . . . Anyar had hostages to constrain his decisions. He would never leave his family, even to return to Earth.

Osmuya Bulak, Narthon Empire

The boy tossed in his sleep, inadvertently kicking her calf and waking her. She looked toward slits in the eastern wall of her room. No sign of light. She listened. No sound of the estate’s animals rousing, so it must still be hours from dawn. She pulled the thin blanket back over them both and put an arm over him—it often lulled his movements.
His body pressed against her growing belly, reminding her, as if she needed reminding, that in a few months there would be another child. There was no way to know if she would be allowed to keep it. She tried to ignore the thought, but her resolved failed. The options were paralyzing: give birth and lose the child immediately or have a second child to raise and worry about when it would be taken away.
She worked through mental exercises that sometimes helped push thoughts away. There was time for several more hours of sleep. She would need the rest for the coming day’s work. The overseers and her owner cared only for what she could do each full day. Her hand brushed the boy’s head, strands of hair momentarily catching on edges of calluses, a few scabs not ready to fall off, and patches of thick skin—far different from the pride she had once taken in well-manicured, soft-skinned hands.
She had also not seen her reflection in years and had learned to avoid even looking down into water. Her imagination was enough to know how even these few years had worn on her.
Her mantras were failing to work this night. She sighed. It was just one more day to live through with no hope for deliverance. Try not to think about the tomorrow. Live through the coming day. Care for her miracle son as much as she could. Try to make the overseers and the owner continue to value her because she knew the alternatives could be yet worse for those no longer deemed useful.

Music Department, University of Caedellium, Orosz City

Heather Chen snored. It was an affliction her sister had mercilessly teased her about.
“Good God, Heather! People in the next block are going to start filing noise grievances against this family,” was Naomi’s favorite line.
Exaggeration aside, Heather was self-conscious about the snoring, until it proved advantageous when it caused her Sulakoan owner, Halari, to have less interest in her being brought to his bed—less, but not never. Even those summonses ended when he realized her value as a music performer, and they came to the agreement the visits would end as long as she performed well.
On this night, there would be no audience to hear the snores. The Music Department was growing slowly, and the few students and instructors lived in quarters scattered around Orosz City. Heather also had a small apartment—on a second floor two blocks from the cathedral complex. However, on nights when she worked late, she occasionally used a small bed in the corner of her office.
This was one such time. A favorite piece of music was Bach’s “Air on the G String.” She reinforced her music nerd status when she explained to Mark and Yozef that the versions most commonly heard were variations on the second movement of Bach’s Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D Major. The two men only looked at each other and shrugged when she enthusiastically delved into its history. A German violinist had transposed the piece from D major to C major and then further transposed the original part of the first violins down an octave so the entire part could be played on the violin’s lowest string—the G string.
Such music minutiae did not fascinate Yozef as it did a Fuomi musician spending much of his time at the department. He helped her adapt Bach pieces to the current Orosz City’s version of an orchestra and to a small Fuomi ensemble whose members had other positions but were amateur musicians by Fuomi standards.
This day, when the rest of the department dispersed, she had intended to spend no more than an hour working on the Bach piece, only to fall asleep at her desk five hours later. Groggy when she woke, her rooms seemed too distant. She opted to stagger to the office bed. After pulling a blanket over herself and before falling back to sleep, she reflected on not having such focus during her first life on Earth.
In her third year on Anyar, she also reflected on how distressed she had been when she failed to quickly pull up a memory of one sister’s face. She had succeeded only after straining for a distraught hour to finally envision Cheryl. That’s when she began creating birthday cards for her siblings. She did not know the current dates on Earth, but she knew the year and day lengths were shorter, so she picked a day for each sibling and moved the Anyar birthdays forward each year to approximate an Earth year. She’d lost the cards when rescued by Mark, but she had resumed the custom on Caedellium. She hid the English-written cards in her quarters, not knowing whether Yozef’s worry about traces of Earth falling into the wrong hands was justified but . . . just in case and not to anger him.
Such reminiscences of Earth still occurred but were less heartrending with time. The most difficult thoughts remained of her family. Neither Mark nor Yozef believed there would ever be a way home. She accepted their opinion as technologically based—but she already believed the answer. It had only been a month earlier when she realized that given the option, she would not automatically accept returning to Earth. Upon reflection that day, she decided she only “might” return. The draw of her current life was stronger than she would have imagined after her arrival on Anyar. The immersion in music, the friends she had made, and the pleasure in bringing new music to the planet would be lost should she return. She grudgingly acknowledged the appeal of her Anyar life. On Earth, there might be dreams to pursue more vigorously than before the collision, but the result would never be the same as the possibilities on Anyar.
Her last thought before sleep was a measure of guilt, unsure what she would do if she were to wake and have a choice. Earth or Anyar. As consciousness faded, she was somewhat reassured it was a dilemma whose resolution she would never need to address.
The first person to arrive on the coming morning knew to check her office and bed. If Heather was asleep, subsequent arrivals would be warned to let the diminutive Amerikan sleep as long as she wanted.

Hilstrom, Stent/Selfcell Border

Mark Caldwell walked only slightly unsteadily toward his temporary quarters in the newly finished worker quarters. The facility at Hilstrom Inlet was progressing as satisfactorily as the committed resources justified, but one purpose of his visit was to warn work leaders that an acceleration was coming. The first small-scale steam-powered vessel was on the horizon in the next few months. He and Yozef had considered testing the model on the river near Orosz City, but they quickly agreed the location was incompatible with keeping developments from the Fuomi and other embassy staffs. That left going straight to the eventual main development site at Hilstrom Inlet on the Stent/Selfcell border.
The first model would be only twenty feet long and never intended for anything but the calmest waters. Once Mark was satisfied with all the parts, the model would be disassembled at Orosz City and taken to Hilstrom for reassembly and serious tests. Assuming everything went well, the next step was a larger vessel capable of staying afloat in less than calm seas. There would then be what Mark called the “serious” test of whether his knowledge of shipbuilding, when combined with the experience of a Fuomi frigate captain who had switched allegiance to Caedellium, was enough to move to the next phase. By that time, all future construction and testing would be carried out at Hilstrom—requiring significant ironworks, a magnitude or more increase in workers, associated shops, living quarters, and other infrastructure to produce an iron-clad, steam-powered ship capable of blue water.
He had arrived in Hilstrom two days previous. The initial inspections proved more than satisfactory, and the briefings of intended expansions were received enthusiastically. The leader at Hilstrom was an Adrisian whom Mark had identified as a natural engineer. He joined half a dozen similar men and one woman who did not have Mark’s technical knowledge but had the intuitive feel for construction and machines.
Mark had mildly chastised Yozef for pushing hard on basic and applied science without an equal effort in engineering. Yozef didn’t need to be convinced, and discussions were underway about a Department of Engineering. The problem was how could Mark take enough time away from ongoing projects? Yet it had to be done. To accomplish what they envisioned, they needed an entire corps of engineers.
Mark would somehow find the time. Besides searching for leaders who could take over his projects, he found the company of people who focused on building to be relaxing, with a camaraderie only other engineers appreciated.
Mark and the current sixty-two Hilstrom workers had relaxed that evening with food and beer around an enormous campfire until well past midnight. He had drunk more than usual, but the mellow feeling and warmth from the companionship made him feel . . . content, even happy. During his time on Anyar, his feelings about the possibility of returning to Earth had alternated from eagerness to uncertainty, reluctance, negation, and feelings uncategorized. Even in his first months on Caedellium, only Maghen and Alys would have stopped him from returning if they could not go with him. But not now. If the aliens had suddenly, and for whatever reason, offered to take his entire family to Earth, he would give an emphatic refusal. This was his life, his family, and his calling. There was no denying he was happier than he had ever been.
He stumbled on a step as he entered the small hutch. Then he closed the door, lay on the bed without undressing, closed his eyes, and drifted away in seconds. It was the sleep of a man who had found his place, and it was good.

Kolsko Manor, Orosz City

Joseph Colsco gathered sheets of scribblings and drawings, shuffled them into a neat pile, and placed them in an unlabeled folder before returning it to a desk drawer. He sighed at spending the evening’s hours without making significant progress in identifying what needed to be done.
I know I have to accept the unknowns and deal with what arises as it happens, he thought. But there’s just too much to do and too much depending on me. No more tonight, though.
He yawned and rose from the desk, momentarily indecisive on where to go. Both Maera and Anarynd were long asleep. No reason to risk rousing either, he told himself to justify heading to the small bed in the corner of his study. He wasn’t conscious that he wanted to be alone. He was yet to understand the depth of how the burdens he carried and the decisions he made threatened to overwhelm the psyche of Yozef Kolsko.
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2 months ago

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Thank you Mr Thorensen. I can’t wait to hear it on Audible.

Wonderful tease! Can’t wait for the next instalment…

Well now we know what happened to the two other castaways. My hope is that they will be soon reunited with Yosef, Mark and Heather.

This is great. Thanks for letting us read it. I shall enjoy both the Kindle and the Audible versions.

02:23 am and I'm scouring Audible and Amazon for the book. Sigh, patience....

I’m ready!! Just re-listened to the entire series again I’m anticipation of the upcoming release

Awesome mate Looking forward to the next book 💪🏻 🇦🇺

Thanks you Olan. Looking forward to the rest of the book. 😀

So its been another 4 days for the finishing touches. Its time to Release The Kolsco!

So wonderful to know that new characters are coming and the adventure continues. Love this series. Thank you sir.❤️

So looking forward to it !

Hoping it’s the same narrator on audible! Either way, super excited for your next book. Thank you!

It will be sad if the Narthani slave woman is not rescued. The math teacher could be a valuable addition to the Cadelli

Thank you for this small spoiler

This is by far my favorite series of all time!!!

Thanks for the sneak peak, can't wait!!

Thank you! Greg Maschek and I look forward to the next installment on audible.

Can't wait!

Can’t wait!!!

Pre order says June 18

Checking twice a day.

"Just enough to wet my beak." - Don Fanucci

Can't wait! 😁

It will be fantastic I’m sure. Thanks for taking us away (albeit briefly) from this crazy planet we currently live on.

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Per Brendan Orford's request, here's the book 8 cover. Looking to be on Amazon in two weeks or less. ... See MoreSee Less

3 months ago

Per Brendan Orfords request, heres the book 8 cover. Looking to be on Amazon in two weeks or less.

Comment on Facebook

Yay! Eagerly awaiting the audio...

When do you expect the audiobook to be available?

My husband LOVES this series. Can't wait for a new book to listen too. Rereads it all the time

I can't wait for this to come out already! LOVE the series. you should see if Amazon or Disney+, Apple etc wants to make it a series.

Sweet! Can't wait! The audible versions are amazing. Keeps my mind busy while I work.

Judging by the image of the canon, there will be war!

I'm so excited. The ending of the previous book was a cruel cliff hanger.

Apparently not even available for pre-order at audible. 🙁 Though audible search says there are lots of almost same-named books ready to be confused with it until it's there....

Noticed that the cover has a electromagnetic equation, a differential equation, and a chemical formula. Seems to be saying that the Cadelli will conquer with math and science.

It's funny, I got stacks of unread books but all I can focus on is wanting to read this one.

Sweet! Time to re-read all the previous books!

And for whatever reason I can’t help but constantly check Amazon to see if it is available for preordering

Katie and I think it looks awesome!

This is my favorite series. Cheers to you. Olan Thorensen!

No slacking off. Get sequel to Harbinger done.

Yeah I can't wait it feels like a Christmas gift

To prep for A fearful symmetry I'm listetening to A dubious peace again.

Guess it's time to re-read book 7.

Thankyou. Great series. Love all the books.

Sweet!!! I’m in desperate need of a new book!!

War, DNA, music and the maths are clearly going to play a major role in book 8. Destiny's Crucible really brings out my inner nerd! 🤓

This is day 13, come on release the kracken!

I hope there's some more eggs in this recipe

Olan Thorensen Love this series can't wait to see what happens next

Will we be able to pre-order hard copies?

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May 3, 2022

Editing and final revisions of “A Fearful Symmetry” are ongoing. I expect will go to Amazon and Audio company the first week of June. Amazon up immediately and audio to follow in about 3 months.

There’re have been several questions about book 2 of the Harbinger series. No timetable to finish, possibly late his year. Several chapters are written.
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3 months ago

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I was about to start my Audible relisten, but maybe I hold off so I can roll right on into the new book. Such good stuff. Best alt history/progression style book series out there by far

the audios are great and worth the wait but geez. can't we bend time or something to get them out faster? 🙂

I’m am in pain waiting on for the next release 😩

I just hope we go to kolinka and salt the ground.

Looking forward to it. Love the books, all of them.

At the risk of being a suckup, since I like all your series, anything you decide to release is a win for me.

Psyched for Harbinger book 2

Thanks man. Always treat myself when your stories come out.

Looking forward to it! I gust re listened to the series

just discovered and blew thru them all. 5 stars everything, love your stories; keep up the awesome work!!! thank you! You're grasp of solid Leadership principles and relationship mgmt are very high level...as a retired exec who focused on helping my team develop with confidence , the nuances in your writing were amazing and spot on!

Just for fun I imagine what the destiny's crucible the movies would be like ..... Yosief Cosco played by Adam Sandler would be hilarious Or Mark played by the rock. Or Carnigan played by the Mountain off game of thrones . Wonder if Olan has a cast picked on paper or in his head. Anyways can't wait for the movie or show or next book.

Congrats Olan! Can't wait!

Can't wait!

Can’t wait!!!

Can’t wait!!

Thank you for the update.

Very excited!

thank you very much for the update.

My birthday is in June and you just made my wife's job a lot easier on picking out a present! Love your work and thanks, excited to see how the saga continues! Amber Kaddour

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4 months ago

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Brilliant books!! I have loved them all and have re-read them all several times!! Please keep them alive !!

Looks a lot like modern Russian confederaton ie narthon. Want the whole shebang.!

Rereading your Novels again . I'm on heavier then a mountain. Can't wait for next one !

Can't wait for the next book, keep it up.

Got a feeling that the next book is not going to be about Cadellium and it's inhabitants. Another survivor maybe?

I hope that one of the survivors is an electrical engineer., and that Yozef introduce hydroelectricity to the island for phones and lights and maybe more.

Egg insights???

Is greatest insight was feminine products lol

I love your writing. I look forward to the Aliens returning.

The Narthon are in trouble now.

When new book???

Harbinger? Any news on book 2?

F Narthon!!!

I wonder what the Mz sections are! Maybe those are disputed territory or lines of conflict?

I love books where the MC is transported to another realm and brings along their modern knowledge and has to survive and thrive in a foreign setting. Your series has become my favourite series due to the way you describe how modern things are built on other, simpler inventions and don't just jump in with the things the MC wants to make. It just makes the whole process more believable. I also like how you acknowledge that the indigenous people are thinking beings that can take an idea and figure out the way to accomplish it without making the MC out to be some all-knowing being with all the answers. You also make room for greed and stupidity and those are, sadly, a big part of any human society. I've learned a lot from your books. Can't wait to see where you're going to take the story in the future.

I hope they go to kolinka

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April 5, 2022

Book 8 (“A Fearful Symmetry”) is off to the editor. If all goes well, I’m looking at June 1 for ebook publication, paperback to follow shortly. Audio, as usual, will be later – something like August/September.
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4 months ago

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Thank you for the update. I look forward to ordering the book when it's available for purchase. I hope you have an amazing night! Keep up the great work!

Destiny's Crucible is one of the few series for which I buy and read the Kindle edition and follow up with the Audible edition when it comes out.

Great News!!!! Dying to read it!! The problem with a great series like this one is that we wait for about a year for the next book, and then devour it in one/two days, once it is published.

May have to buy the book if it stops me having to wait another 2 months… brilliant premise for a series and I love the depth of the story, can’t wait for whatever interplay there will be with the Aliens and the mystery of the eggs… how the rest of Anyar continues to react will be cool too .

Out of the current crop of epic fantasy (ish) authors, you and Terry Mancour are my favorites.

It's such tension waiting for the next installment, especially with audio tagging along "lazily" after. I finally just went back to book 1 and have been re-listening to the entire series. Fortunately, and especially with the outstanding reading by Jonathan Davis, the books really hold up well on second listen.

Very cool Olan! I hope you don't mind if I request an advance reader copy, but I'm asking. Multiple health issues including aggressive atypical parkinsonism (likely Lewy Body Dementia). I'm asking again for an early copy because even though I may live past Junr 1st the progression of the disease especially the dementia grows worse daily and I may never get to read book 8. You're the author, I know I am making a big ask. I don't mind paying for the privilege and will sign an NDA if requested.

Good to hear. Besides the outlander series, yours is the only one I enjoy enough to read first and then listen to on audible for a slightly different story experience. I’m curious if you if have an idea where you’re eventually going with the story (even if you have no idea yet how you’ll get there) or if you simply write ‘as it occurs to you’?

I really like the Destiny's Crucible Book series. I was a little dissapointed with the Outlander series (which I read too), they have too much chick-lit "Ohh. Jamie! Ohh Claire!" romantic moments and not enough bringing future medical knowledge or technology into the past.

I can't wait for book 8. I would love netflix to make a TV show of cast under an alien sun.

I was just thinking about your next book earlier today. This is exciting news!!

I’m really looking forward to it. I love the series.

Can't wait. Just finishing listening to all books for the 4th time.

I'm curious, how many pages will there be to this book, you wrote that you were at 225.00 words and I believe the book (war and peace) has 587,287 words and it has 1,215 pages?

I. Can’t. Wait... better start rereading series for the 9th time!

Nice work. Looking forward to it !

Your amazing! thanks for the update

Damn You! I started this series last year and I'm finally on book 7. I've been totally sucked in by these books. One of the best series I've read.

I hope it is about 3000 pages lol. Read the others way too quickly.

AWESOME , thank you for the news

Olan quit screwing around and get us that book! 😉 I need to get it in my brain ASAP!

Is there a sample chapter?

Time to re read book 1-7 again!

How are books 9 to 29 coming along lol

Can't wait , thanks for update . Started rereading again.

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