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May 3, 2022

Editing and final revisions of “A Fearful Symmetry” are ongoing. I expect will go to Amazon and Audio company the first week of June. Amazon up immediately and audio to follow in about 3 months.

There’re have been several questions about book 2 of the Harbinger series. No timetable to finish, possibly late his year. Several chapters are written.
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2 weeks ago

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I was about to start my Audible relisten, but maybe I hold off so I can roll right on into the new book. Such good stuff. Best alt history/progression style book series out there by far

the audios are great and worth the wait but geez. can't we bend time or something to get them out faster? 🙂

I’m am in pain waiting on for the next release 😩

I just hope we go to kolinka and salt the ground.

Looking forward to it. Love the books, all of them.

At the risk of being a suckup, since I like all your series, anything you decide to release is a win for me.

Psyched for Harbinger book 2

Thanks man. Always treat myself when your stories come out.

Looking forward to it! I gust re listened to the series

just discovered and blew thru them all. 5 stars everything, love your stories; keep up the awesome work!!! thank you! You're grasp of solid Leadership principles and relationship mgmt are very high level...as a retired exec who focused on helping my team develop with confidence , the nuances in your writing were amazing and spot on!

Just for fun I imagine what the destiny's crucible the movies would be like ..... Yosief Cosco played by Adam Sandler would be hilarious Or Mark played by the rock. Or Carnigan played by the Mountain off game of thrones . Wonder if Olan has a cast picked on paper or in his head. Anyways can't wait for the movie or show or next book.

Congrats Olan! Can't wait!

Can't wait!

Can’t wait!!!

Can’t wait!!

Thank you for the update.

Very excited!

thank you very much for the update.

My birthday is in June and you just made my wife's job a lot easier on picking out a present! Love your work and thanks, excited to see how the saga continues! Amber Kaddour

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4 weeks ago

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Brilliant books!! I have loved them all and have re-read them all several times!! Please keep them alive !!

Looks a lot like modern Russian confederaton ie narthon. Want the whole shebang.!

Rereading your Novels again . I'm on heavier then a mountain. Can't wait for next one !

Can't wait for the next book, keep it up.

Got a feeling that the next book is not going to be about Cadellium and it's inhabitants. Another survivor maybe?

I hope that one of the survivors is an electrical engineer., and that Yozef introduce hydroelectricity to the island for phones and lights and maybe more.

Egg insights???

Is greatest insight was feminine products lol

I love your writing. I look forward to the Aliens returning.

The Narthon are in trouble now.

When new book???

Harbinger? Any news on book 2?

F Narthon!!!

I wonder what the Mz sections are! Maybe those are disputed territory or lines of conflict?

I love books where the MC is transported to another realm and brings along their modern knowledge and has to survive and thrive in a foreign setting. Your series has become my favourite series due to the way you describe how modern things are built on other, simpler inventions and don't just jump in with the things the MC wants to make. It just makes the whole process more believable. I also like how you acknowledge that the indigenous people are thinking beings that can take an idea and figure out the way to accomplish it without making the MC out to be some all-knowing being with all the answers. You also make room for greed and stupidity and those are, sadly, a big part of any human society. I've learned a lot from your books. Can't wait to see where you're going to take the story in the future.

I hope they go to kolinka

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April 5, 2022

Book 8 (“A Fearful Symmetry”) is off to the editor. If all goes well, I’m looking at June 1 for ebook publication, paperback to follow shortly. Audio, as usual, will be later – something like August/September.
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1 month ago

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Thank you for the update. I look forward to ordering the book when it's available for purchase. I hope you have an amazing night! Keep up the great work!

Destiny's Crucible is one of the few series for which I buy and read the Kindle edition and follow up with the Audible edition when it comes out.

Great News!!!! Dying to read it!! The problem with a great series like this one is that we wait for about a year for the next book, and then devour it in one/two days, once it is published.

May have to buy the book if it stops me having to wait another 2 months… brilliant premise for a series and I love the depth of the story, can’t wait for whatever interplay there will be with the Aliens and the mystery of the eggs… how the rest of Anyar continues to react will be cool too .

Out of the current crop of epic fantasy (ish) authors, you and Terry Mancour are my favorites.

It's such tension waiting for the next installment, especially with audio tagging along "lazily" after. I finally just went back to book 1 and have been re-listening to the entire series. Fortunately, and especially with the outstanding reading by Jonathan Davis, the books really hold up well on second listen.

Very cool Olan! I hope you don't mind if I request an advance reader copy, but I'm asking. Multiple health issues including aggressive atypical parkinsonism (likely Lewy Body Dementia). I'm asking again for an early copy because even though I may live past Junr 1st the progression of the disease especially the dementia grows worse daily and I may never get to read book 8. You're the author, I know I am making a big ask. I don't mind paying for the privilege and will sign an NDA if requested.

Good to hear. Besides the outlander series, yours is the only one I enjoy enough to read first and then listen to on audible for a slightly different story experience. I’m curious if you if have an idea where you’re eventually going with the story (even if you have no idea yet how you’ll get there) or if you simply write ‘as it occurs to you’?

I can't wait for book 8. I would love netflix to make a TV show of cast under an alien sun.

I really like the Destiny's Crucible Book series. I was a little dissapointed with the Outlander series (which I read too), they have too much chick-lit "Ohh. Jamie! Ohh Claire!" romantic moments and not enough bringing future medical knowledge or technology into the past.

I was just thinking about your next book earlier today. This is exciting news!!

I’m really looking forward to it. I love the series.

Can't wait. Just finishing listening to all books for the 4th time.

I'm curious, how many pages will there be to this book, you wrote that you were at 225.00 words and I believe the book (war and peace) has 587,287 words and it has 1,215 pages?

I. Can’t. Wait... better start rereading series for the 9th time!

Nice work. Looking forward to it !

Your amazing! thanks for the update

Damn You! I started this series last year and I'm finally on book 7. I've been totally sucked in by these books. One of the best series I've read.

I hope it is about 3000 pages lol. Read the others way too quickly.

AWESOME , thank you for the news

Olan quit screwing around and get us that book! 😉 I need to get it in my brain ASAP!

Time to re read book 1-7 again!

How are books 9 to 29 coming along lol

Can't wait , thanks for update . Started rereading again.


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March 12, 2022

It’s been pointed out that I haven’t done the monthly update. I was ready to claim I’ve been busy working on revising book 8 (true – it’s slowly expanding, now at 225,000 words), also busy on necessary outdoor work for this time of year (true – pruning existing fruit trees, preparing expansion of orchard, etc). However, I then realized probably one reason the update slipped my mind was giving so much attention to the disaster happening in the Ukraine. A disaster with more than enough blame to distribute. It’s almost beyond belief that the US and Europe, especially in the persona of the leaders of all political parties, have been so stupid as to think Putin was anything but what he always has been. Oh, and since Russia is no longer threat, there’s no reason for the EU members to spend any more on defense than they can get away with.

What seems to be happening now is that the EU, US, and many other nations will help the Ukraine just enough to get as many Ukrainians as possible killed before Putin wins. Not that I don’t appreciate the conundrum. Putin keeps hinting on nukes and nobody wants to go there. Well . . . almost nobody. The fundamental problem is there’s no good off-ramp. You can’t let Putin win, but there’s justifiable fear of what he might do if he thinks he’s losing. I’m glad I’m not in charge, but I’m dubious there are leaders with solutions.

Oh. And don't think China is not watching closely to see if the West has any red lines they are serious about.

Let's face it. Yozef's problems on Anyar might be easier to solve than the fix Earth finds itself in.
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2 months ago

Comment on Facebook

All we need is for someone with the button who has nothing to lose and wants to take all of his toys with him, humans are flawed and there isn't one of us that should have the power to suicide the world.

It’s important to understand a situation from both sides only then can hope to de-escalate you got give a little we are on the brink of history where the wrong move will send us tumbling over the edge any one who lived through the 60’s 70’s and 80’s understands what its like living with a 4 minute warning our only hope is that the other side still retains some Sanity

This maybe an unpopular opinion but the US and its allies really screwed over Stalin and the Russian people after WW2. I am not saying Stalin was a good dude either, he murdered millions. We could have had a decent relationship after the war but Roosevelt died and Truman took back all the promises to help them rebuild after the war. Russia never forgave us for it.

Yeah! Putin's hint was as translated "Yo! Y'all be giving me hard looks, I take Russian Nuclear Arsenal to the highest threat level". Sounds like a direct threat.

Olan, your observations are accurate IMO. Take your time with the next book. We all are concerned with the timidity we see in response to that Russian murderer's atrocities. Holdt Garver

Yep. Apparently Earth now has it’s own Narthanis.

Interesting fact of history during 1955 according to Wikipedia their where "only" 2,636 nuclear weapons in the world. With Russia only having 200 and with no ICMB's yet there would have been a chance to shoot down the Russian bombers. Basically if we where going to have nuclear war the Korean war would have been the best time because only 600 more would have exploded then in all the testing. So it would have been bad but not world ending like if nuclear war happened today. At the start of the Korean war Russia had 5 nuclear weapon.

Did they not se an issue when he annexed the Crimea. Idiots

We need a Winston Churchill (or a Yosef Kolsko) not a Neville Chamberlain (or a feckless Joe Biden).

Someone just needs to take Putin out. I don’t understand why no one’s done that yet. Lindsey Graham called out for it recently and was crucified for it. God forbid you want someone’s life to end even if it means that person might end the lives of millions with a push of a button. The needs of the many…

Those who do not learn from History are doomed to repeat it.

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Date of 2-22-22. Cool. Why do I think it's cool? Who cares. It's cool. ... See MoreSee Less

3 months ago

Comment on Facebook

It is cool! (literally-it was 18F here last night with 1" of snow)

That's when your next Joe and Mark offering hits the shelves?? 🤣😂👍

It's my favorite day of the year!

I thought I saw you at Chester frost park a while back, but didn't want to bother you, if it was you.

I have to agree with you it is cool.

can't access your website for some reason.

Happy 2 day

do you know what woud be even cooler? reading book 8


Or 22.02.2022

Website is so Cool is Dead Cold

looks like Narthan invaded the Ukraine...

It’s my birthday so yes it’s cool 🤪

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February 2, 2022

Cool. The date is 2-2-22. Even cooler will be 2-22-22. Hopefully I’ll be around for 3-3-33. :<)

However, note that 2-22-22 is the last time the date can be represented with the same digit five times. Reaching back to days-of-yore, I remember writing my name and date on a school paper and noticing the date was 5-5-55. Yes, I reveal I’m not in my twenties.
Okay, moving on.

Working on revising book 8. Lots of work left but taking shape. Running at 210,000 words. I’m in the phase where I go from thinking the book is not that good to thinking the opposite. That’s normal.

The accompany map is one of many images that will accompany book 8. Probably more of them than usual and I plan on experimenting with having them within the text pages instead of all at the front. Also, will take some effort to provide clarity for those doing audio and not looking at images. In their case, they will be advised to check the images I’ll make available on the web site.

Oh. And I heard the groundhog saw his shadow. Sorry about that, but I wouldn’t mind a couple more 3-6 inch snowfalls before spring. And no freezes after April 15. Last 2 years a May freeze killed all the fruit and flowers on my fruit trees.
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3 months ago

February 2, 2022

Cool. The date is 2-2-22. Even cooler will be 2-22-22. Hopefully I’ll be around for 3-3-33. :

Comment on Facebook

On 2-22-22, I will be 83. To celebrate, next week I will be one of those people you saw on 60 Minutes braving single-digit temps in Yellowstone to catch a glimpse of wolves a mile away. Humans are strange animals.😎

On the 22nd February in Australia, the date will read 22/2/22.

I usually buy the book and the audio book. There is no way I can wait for just the audio when the book is out.

Well since you're showing a map with Kolinka on it does this mean Yozef is keeping his word and going after them?

We're waiting with bated breath! Looking forward to another great read. In the meantime have been re-reading the Darkover books. They seem darker than I remembered, but that was decades ago. Still good reads.

Can't wait for the next book, i prefer the audiobook due to not having the time to sit down and read, but i hope it goes well with adding the maps on the online book. Also terrible to hear about missing out on the fruits.

Audio-only reader here. Got my Gf to listen to 'Tales of Anyar' and 'A Dubious Peace' with me on my 2nd read. I re-read books 1-6 before Dubious came out, now I've read it twice as well. I'm ready... 😸

Waiting for your audio presentation of book 8. I should live that long.

So enjoy listening to your books read by Jonathan Davis. The world you created for the readers and listeners have given us hundreds of hours of pleasure. Book 8 will answer many questions and bring up new ones. I can wait, don't want to wait, but I will. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to another "Yosef Story" and so much more.

Presumably it will still be okay to write 2/22/22 a hundred years later. So there are just two days per century that can written with five copies of the same digit and nine days per century for four digits.

Greatly looking forward to the audio book release. I confess, I have listened to the entire series at least 5 times. Just make sure Joe comes out on top in the end.

Yozef having his revenge on Kolinka

Any news on release dates?

Pity, going after the Iraquiniks would be great but superficial vengeance. The real work will be clearing the Narthani out of Landolin and Rustal. Provide, for a fee of course, sufficient breech loaders to do the job in Lanolin, each rifle providing between 5-6 times the fire-power of the muzzle loaders, while providing 2,000 rifles and 2 million rounds of ammunition, to the partisan forces in Rustal. The Narthani forces will already be pretty thinly spread and well armed partisan forces in Rustal will make matters worse, pulling in forces from elsewhere. Clearing Narthani out of recently conquered areas will give Caedellium allies, all of whom will be eager to see the Narthani get a good kicking right where it will hurt most.

Ah yes Americans, illogically having dating format m/d/y instead of logical d/m/y.

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Four inches of snow so far today. Beautiful, although changed to mix of snow/ice. Nice day to get some work on book 8 - at least until I quit to watch the 49er/Dallas game. :>) ... See MoreSee Less

4 months ago

Comment on Facebook

Topped out at 5.5 inches.

I’m assuming you’re a 49ers fan since that’s Yosef’s hometown. Either way GO 9ers!

Nice and partly cloudy, high 20s (Celsius, of course) in Canberra, Australia. Couple of showers throughout the day just to keep things interesting 😁

No snow yet but strong cold winds in Liverpool, rolling in off the Irish sea.

That was a rough game.

Both QBs screwed the pooch in crunch time. JG missed some easy game changing passes and failed to wait until his line was set on the QB sneak. And Dallas QB needed to hand the ball to the ref ASAP.

Our rains have finally started in Namibia. We were getting worried!

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First draft finished. Now comes the REAL work. ... See MoreSee Less

4 months ago

First draft finished. Now comes the REAL work.

Comment on Facebook

YAY!! 🥳 I can’t even imagine all the work that goes into these books but my husband and I are always SO excited for the final results!

Thank you for all of the creative efforts you put into these works! They are among my favorite books.

I've read over 2,000 Sci fi in my life and I've never rooted harder for anyone than Yozef or balled like a baby when he was fatally injured in battle. Can't wait for his story to continue.

I sure hope he goes to that place and salts the earth like he said. That'd be cool.

Just finishing Passages, excited for more!

Just finished listening to all of the books again. I'm now ready for the next book and can't wait! To me Destiny's crucible is like the TV show Firefly and I have to revisit them completely every year or so.

Hi Olan, this made my day!!! Thanks for the hard work and great imagination!!

Thank you Thank you! Your awesome! Do you need another beta reader? I can’t wait!!!

I think I'm most excited to find out what the AI has been up to. I find that storyline so fascinating😎

Tyger Tyger, burning bright, In the forests of the night; What immortal hand or eye, Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

Looking forward to to reading it. I hope that you give more information about the AI and what it's interests in Joseph are, I mean why would it interfere with the other Ai that's monitoring what Joseph is doing and what's going on on the planet, unless it has a plan for Joseph and wants him to continue to develop technology for some reason that not clear yet.

Congratulations looking forward to the finished product

One of my favorite series! Who though chemistry and engineering could be so exciting?!

Excellent news! It’s one of the series that I read that I look forward to the next installment the most.

So looking forward to reading this book 😊

Great news 😊

Please, please, please. Let me proof read it. PLEASE!!!

Can't wait! Looking forward to getting it. Well worth the $

I guess I'd better get organized now, because I always drop everything when one of your books comes out.

I would love to offer my time to read the first draft and making recommendations lol... can't wait to read this book!

I’d be happy to help with editing 🤓

I almost wish I hadn’t seen this, the waiting game is not a fun time.

Come on give us a peek

Looks great

So excited 😆

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Jan 3, 2022

I hope everyone had a good holiday season despite some of the news. Here’s hoping 2022 is memorable in the good ways.

We had a good December, and I have a week or two left in indulging in seasonal sweets and then it’ll be the time to lose the recently accumulated pounds. Last night and this morning we had our first snowfall of this winter. Beautiful. But cold. Projected below freezing nights the next two weeks and a day or two with highs below freezing. One advantage is I’ll have fewer distractions to deflect from the following item.

Book 8 of Destiny’s Crucible is coming along, although slower than I wanted, as usual. I expect to finish the first crude draft this week, then there’s lots of work left ahead. Right now, it’s at 200,000 words and the current working draft title (subject to change) is “A Fearful Symmetry.”

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4 months ago

Jan 3, 2022

I hope everyone had a good holiday season despite some of the news. Here’s hoping 2022 is memorable in the good ways.

We had a good December, and I have a week or two left in indulging in seasonal sweets and then it’ll be the time to lose the recently accumulated pounds. Last night and this morning we had our first snowfall of this winter. Beautiful. But cold. Projected below freezing nights the next two weeks and a day or two with highs below freezing. One advantage is I’ll have fewer distractions to deflect from the following item.

Book 8 of Destiny’s Crucible is coming along, although slower than I wanted, as usual. I expect to finish the first crude draft this week, then there’s lots of work left ahead. Right now, it’s at 200,000 words and the current working draft title (subject to change) is “A Fearful Symmetry.”


Comment on Facebook

Glad it was a good December for you and the family. Also glad to hear of the potential progress for book 8. We too (Covington VA.) have gotten our 1st snow for the new year. Be well and God bless.

Absolutely beautiful!!! Keep warm, stay safe, build a snowman.😁

Great news. Looking forward to it.

Re-read Harbinger last week. Hungry for more. Also loved the space western book.

Thanks for the update and I hope 2022 will be better for all of us. Looking forward to book 8.

Such great news and thanks for the update! Happy New Year!!!

Happy news Olan! Stay safe and warm in that weather!!

Great pictures, your books are always worth waiting for.

Thank you for the update Happy new year to you and your family 🥳

I brought in the new year with the last 30 minutes of The Janus Harbinger (audio). Thanks for the great story. I will take an encore, please.

Really looking forward to book 8! Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Olan.

Go for a word count comparable to "Battle Field Earth" 😍

Thank you Olan.

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This time every year, I send out a short story for mail group members. So far, three mail group members say they did not receive the short story email. They are all part of a single batch of emails send out. So far none from the other batches have reported the problem. Why? No idea. I've communicated with those three. Others not receiving the short story should also contact me.

Also, if you are not part of the mail group and want to join for release news and the holiday short story, send me your email address here, at the web page, or to olanthorensen@gmail.com

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5 months ago

Comment on Facebook

Message to Kyle Visconti and Stephen Yavorsky. Kyle, the email I have for you is not working. Stephen, you are not on the mail list. Olan Thorensen

I got the email, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Thanks for taking the time to fix the issue.

I got it just did not have time to read yet.

Looking forward to reading it. It landed in my mailbox just fine.

I did not receive this year's story. I did last year.

Did not get mine philip brightman

Thank you. I got mine and am looking forward to reading it.

I got mine at `Wed, Dec 15, 10:15 AM` 🙂

Got mine! Thank you so much!

Hey from Argentina, Big fan, please send: Savas Kazantzides , savaskazantzides@hotmail.com .

Would love to be added Olan, my email is geokjp@gmail.com.

Hi Olan, I'd like to be added to the e-mail list, magnus@jomlo.se Thanks!

MelanieDbrandt@gmail.com. Thanks! Can’t wait

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