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Web site is down - a hosting problems that has been addressed. Will be back up within next day (supposedly). Olan ... See MoreSee Less

1 month ago

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Those darn aliens…

Narthonie agents probably.

Damn havant strikes again!

I am curios to see what General Akuyun’s reaction when he reads the latest intelligence report about the rapid progress in technology, medicine, economic, social and cultural progress taking place in Caedellium. I am sure his reaction would be mixed, dismayed, threatened and admiration.

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1 month ago

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I guess it's pretty fortunate that none of the humans ended up on those secluded islands out in the middle of the Great Ocean.

My husband and I listened to the audiobooks and had to print out the map so we could keep all the locations straight. Really enjoying the series!

I am readin #7 so slowly. Normally a day read I’m stretching to 10-12 days. 🤪😎😷

Landolin looks like an animal with an eye if you tilt your head 90 degrees to the left

Finished the new book and have had some questions answered. We know now the fate of 4 of the 5 survivors from the flight. Three on Caedellium and one deceased from the story "Ghost" in "Tales of Anyar ". I see no rapid ending to this story, which is fine with me.

If I could do it, I would nominate Olan Thorensen for Nobel Prize in Literature.

New map? Thanks

Would a cowboy hat and maybe a colt like six shooter pistol become the normal trend for the Caedelli lawmen and Yosef’s body guards? Lol!

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1 month ago

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Just finished book 7. Enjoyed it! Red stars on map mark location of Earth people I assume? Can't wait for next book.

Book 7 actually reminds me of book 1 quite a bit in terms of pacing and story arch. I think out of all the books I still like Book 2 and 4 the best. The political intrigues are quite interesting but with so many new political entities being introduced it felt like a good chunk of the book was used to setup the background for future storelines. Also, Olan continues to devote pages to the alien AI part of the storyline is a little odd to me. I understand the use of it as a literary device to place Earthlings on Anyar but the world of Anyar is so rich and immersive already, it is difficult to see how the AI / Alien thread adds / contribute to this world. Regardless I enjoyed Book 7, and look forward to Book 8 and beyond!

I finished book 7 Monday and loved it. I'm looking forward his next book. Thank you Olan Thorensen great book.

How soon does the new "Western" come out? Love ALL the books!

I just finished book 7 and honestly I think based on the pace we might need 15 books until we get a navy and starts throwing weight around on the world stage.

Very nice series, eagerly awaiting the next book, well done

Your web site is down. Looks like your domain name expired.

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1 month ago

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1 month ago

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Saw this on "America's Most Wanted"

Great writing!

Book 7 is great 👍 , unexpected story line , great questions to ponder ! Thank you 😷 !

Loved a dubious peace. Great job sir!

A live septarsh!

Lookin good 😉

Must be nice to have time to do “Glamor Shots” while some of us are counting the days till A dubious peace drops. Nice.

I always thought you were a team of writers working under a fake name. Now, I don't know what to believe.

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Two new wrinkles in versions for this book. Podium has already set a release date for the audio (July 13, 2021) and it's up for pre-order at both Amazon and Audible.

Also, I usually finish the details of the paperback a week or so after the ebook release, but I got it finished early this time and released right away. I guess I could have set it for the same day as the ebook, but didn't think about it.

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2 months ago

Two new wrinkles in versions for this book. Podium has already set a release date for the audio (July 13, 2021) and its up for pre-order at both Amazon and Audible.

Also, I usually finish the details of the paperback a week or so after the ebook release, but I got it finished early this time and released right away. I guess I could have set it for the same day as the ebook, but didnt think about it.


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My order is in! Thanks Olan!

Just now preordered on Audible!

Just got pre ordered on audible!!

My book should be here this Friday but I'm having cataract surgery This Thursday so I don't know if I will be able to read it right away or not.

Its cool , im just happy its not to far Apart.. now i wonder if i should wait for Audio or book...

Just Finished Harbinger, so enjoyed this book look forward to next installment, will definitely be pre ordering this,

Got it today. 100 pagea in.... so good!!!!

Just finished reading it. Awesome! I love this series. Thanks Olan Thorensen

Pre-ordered. Excited.

Great news. Off to pre-order now, I'm really excited.

Going to pre order now. Any chances of an early release?

Length: 22 hrs and 32 mins of audio goodness

Can't wait

Definitely no criticism about the delay for kindle. Just jealous :-p. Ordered kindle and audible. *patiently waiting.....*

Why isn't it midnight yet 😭🤣

This is like a birthday present to me. xD

Super excited!

Help. I’ve made a mistake and finished the new book in one sitting. What am I supposed to do while waiting for this year’s Christmas story and book 8?

Pre-ordered can’t wait. Great Author!

Preordered thanks 🙏

Looking forward to it

24 hrs 37 minutes to Anyar 😁😁😀😍😘


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Paperback of Dubious Peace is up on Amazon. A "Sneak Preview" will get you chapters 1 and 2. ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

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Got the kindle version read it. Loved it, now the wait begins for the audio book and book 8.⏳

Conflicted whether to get book or wait for audio!!! Maybe both?!

I’m just going to say, it’s been a while since I’ve looked forward to a book this much.

I keep checking the page, hoping that for some reason it will be available (Kindle) before May 7.

By the evil one, why is the paper version released before the digital version?

I truly don't understand the delay for kindle :(. I'll just sit here and pout.

Got book. Read same. Very satisfied. Still lots of threads hanging fire.

Not seeing the sneak preview!!!

Mine arrives tomorrow. Can't wait!!!

Got mine this morning. And I was right about one thing I guessed at.

I wish I could overnight it

Any eta on audiobook? 🙂

I wonder to which empire the Dubious peace the book is referring to. Oh well I will find out soon.

I hope the audible version is not too far behind.

I'm reading it right now. Going very slow

The book got delivered this afternoon I’m already on page 200 loving it

Just got it. Can't wait to get into it.

I can get it a day early

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Paperback for "A Dubious Peace" is with Amazon. Could show up anytime in the next few hours to a day to two (Amazon is not consistent). The image here is on the back of the book. Olan ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

Paperback for A Dubious Peace is with Amazon. Could show up anytime in the next few hours to a day to two (Amazon is not consistent). The image here is on the back of the book.   Olan

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I have been checking Amazon daily for the last week looking for pre-order, the ritual continues. I am so unbelievably psyched for this. I am already planning a whole day of reading! Doing this "first day of a new Harry Potter" style.

Already purchased! I can get the ebook midnight when the 6th turns into the 7th! Lol.


Caedellium or Bust! Mechanical engineer needed!

They are accounted for in the Tales of Anyar (Destiny's Crucible Book 5)

Can't wait, Amazon says 7th May.

Looks great!

Book is up now. May 5th delivery. Ordered!

Now i'm curious about those red markings.

Just got the notification that it was shipped today. It looks like I will get it late Wednesday or early Thursday.

Only see the kindle for may 7th. /shakes fist. Looking looking. Trying to be patient...

Thanks you for this Awesome Map ! , From a Fan from Mexico !

It’s it going to be up for downloading today? Or do we have to wait for the preorder?

What are the stars on the map for? Action location for the book or some of the books?

May 7 cannot come soon enough

I love the world you've created. Thank you.

Best news for starting a new month 🎉

Can’t wait!

Are the red stars amerikans?

Outstanding, thank you

Red stars are locations of survived plane passengers. Three we know, two not familiar with, but very curious.

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The ebook for "A Dubious Peace" (book 7 of Destiny's Crucible) when to Amazon today for their review. Assuming it passes, it should appear for pre-order in 1-3 days (that's Amazon's estimate) for a May 7 release. A new wrinkle for the ebook is attempting to add maps. In past years, adding images was discouraged because it needed esoteric programming to size the images for different devices. Amazon may have solved the issue since I tested images and the Amazon previewer seems to size them full page for whatever device. We'll see. However, also remember that the web page (olanthorensen.com) has images for viewing and downloading.
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2 months ago

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Already pre-ordered it last night!!! Can't wait

Looking forward to continuing Yozef's story!

Hot damn! Pre-ordered!

I can’t wait for it on Audible in a couple of months!

How exciting.

it hasn't shown up on my amazon page yet but I'm refreshing it like every 5 minutes to pre-order!!!

Doh! Missed it by that much... 🤦‍♂️

Hi Olan, Thanks for keeping us updated on the status of the ebook. Hope the ebook passes the review process without problems. Looking forward to reading the new chapter in the story. Thanks.

I’ve not pre order only because the last time I did Amazon wouldn’t let me download the book for 6hours after it was released 🤣that’s too long a wait

Is there a timeline on the audiobook? Can’t wait!!!

Is it going to be in paper book form? I thoroughly enjoy touching the words.

It's showing in the UK.

Very cool. Rereading this series now.

Update: Looks like the review was successful

Me waiting for release.

You don't know how much I need this in my life.

Make it happen!!!! I’m ready! Beyond ready

Preordered on Amazon, can’t wait. 🤪👍😷

I’ve got my pre order!! Lol I can’t wait!

Neat! Thank you!

Dear Amazon reviewer; please hurry up! I am starting a new job on May 10th. I want to read the book now.

Is there an estimate for audiobook?

Thanks Olan, I just pre-ordered it as well.

May 7th is my Dad's Birthday, he read the Destiny's Crucible series. He died yesterday of Covid 19 complication.

Just pre ordered. Feels like Christmas in May.

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Book 7, "A Dubious Peace" went to the audio producer today. Now on to formatting for the ebook. Still looking at out by end of April.



Preddi City, Caedellium Island, Planet Anyar

Three men stood together in the Preddi City office of the clan hetman. Two of them were skeptical about what they had just heard.

“Really?” said Hetman Balwis Preddi, sarcasm dripping from his tone. “We’re supposed to believe a man who claims to be a countryman of Yozef’s and who arrives on a Buldorian ship? Someone must think we’re idiots.”

“There’s no way we’re letting that man near the Paramount,” said Wyfor Kales. “My balls started itching as soon as I saw him. They only do that around someone very dangerous. I’ve long ago learned to trust my balls.”

The third man was not as dismissive. “I’m not so sure,” said Savronel Storlini. When the ex-Narthani threw in his lot with the Caedelli against the invaders, he had provided valuable insight. Even more important had been his service as adviser to the new Preddi Clan hetman after the Narthani left. The Preddi Clan had been all but decimated by the invaders. The clan’s reconstruction was a formidable task. Its members were Preddi Clan survivors from the province’s Narthani occupation, ex-slaves freed as a condition for allowing the remaining Narthani to leave Caedellium, and a few thousand Narthani who opted to remain in hopes of having a better life than in Narthon.

Although Wyfor Kales’s role as the Preddi Clan’s chief magistrate was important in suppressing overt conflicts among factions of the clan, it was Storlini’s experience with the ex-slaves and the ex-Narthani, coupled with his insightful intellect, that had proved critical to progress in amalgamating diverse and often mutually hostile elements. Or, as Wyfor once put it, “The sneaky bastard has the personality of a rock, but I advise listening to him.”

Balwis looked at Storlini with an expression bordering on a sneer, but Wyfor’s face was more thoughtful.

“You think there’s a chance he’s telling the truth?” asked Wyfor.

“A chance? Of course, there’s a chance,” said Storlini. “The question is, how good a chance? Even if it’s most likely he’s lying, and it’s possible this is some attempt to assassinate the Paramount, we can’t preemptively dismiss a small chance he’s telling the truth.”

“I agree,” Wyfor said pensively, “now that I think about it. I watched how he interacted with the woman he says is his wife and their child. I got a sense their relationship is true. A man is usually careful about putting his family in danger.” He held up a hand to forestall Balwis’s counter. “And no, that doesn’t mean we’re not cautious with him. The obvious solution is to keep him confined while we contact Yozef. He’s the only one who can determine if this Kaldwel is from Amerika. Even then, we have to watch that the Paramount doesn’t trust him too much before we know more about him.”

Balwis scowled. “All right. I’ll get a semaphore message off to Yozef. I don’t see any reason for a long semaphore or a follow-up letter. I expect one of two things to happen. Either Yozef sends back questions that only someone from Amerika would know the answers to, or he’ll come here as fast as he can.”

“He may not receive the message today,” warned Storlini. “By the time you write it and get it to the semaphore station, there will only be a couple of hours of light left. In that case, it will be midday before we get an answer. I also suggest we ask Kaldwel if he wants to include something in the message to convince Yozef he’s from Amerika.”

“You take care of that, Savronel. Write up the message. As you suggest, check with Kaldwel. The man speaks with a terrible accent, but see if he wants to add to the message to Yozef—something only the Paramount would know. Wyfor . . . you find somewhere for them to wait until we hear from Yozef. Keep the mother and two children claiming to be Caedelli separate from the others. For all of them, something reasonably comfortable but with enough obvious security so they won’t be tempted to try anything.”

One hour later and a quarter-mile from the Preddi Clan headquarters, the Kaldwel family and Heather Chen were left alone in a small residence with an outhouse five yards from the backdoor. The Caedelli named Kales had told them this was where they would stay until the Paramount responded. Food and water would be provided, and he pointed to the small structure behind the house.

“That’s the only place you can go outside of this building. There will be armed guards posted on all sides. Don’t try to go anywhere else. That would be taken as confirmation you’re not who you say you are. If you feel there’s something you absolutely need, open the front door and call for one of the guards, tell him what you want, and go back inside.”

Worried looks from both Heather and Maghen prompted Mark to reassure them after Kales left.

“It’s all good. They’re just taking reasonable precautions. Think about it. We arrive here on a ship they consider an enemy. I tell them I’m from the same nation as their leader, who evidently has led them to believe there are no others from Amerika. It’s not unreasonable they would be cautious until this Paramount of theirs shows up.”

“How do you know he will?” asked Maghen.

“Oh . . . I don’t think there is any doubt this Yozef Kolsko will come running if he really is from Amerika,” said Heather. “Not after what Mark added to the semaphore message.”

Maghen set Alys on the floor. “You told me what you had that man add to the message, Mark, but what do the words mean?”

“They’re names of people and places only someone from Amerika would recognize.”

“So . . . what was one of the words you pronounced for me? Is Shikago a person’s name?”

“That one is the name of a city,” said Mark. “Santa Klaus is a man.”

“Is he an important person? I assume so if you think this Kolsko man will recognize the name.”

Heather giggled and answered before Mark could speak. “He’s a man known for giving gifts to children, always dressing in red, and having a long white beard. He is also known for a unique . . . uh . . . wagon he travels in.”

“I guess it sounds like someone you would remember,” said Maghen, looking around. “Now where did Alys go to? Alys, baby . . . where are you?”

“Hiding, Mama. Come find me,” answered a small voice from one of the two bedrooms.

Maghen walked to the doorway, stopped, looked around, and said, “I see you under the bed. Come on out. It might be dirty under there.”

Maghen turned back toward Mark and Heather in time to hear Heather say something to Mark in their English.

“The little man missing an arm creeps me out. He’d be perfect casting for some kind of slasher movie. You two kept eyeing each other like two pit bulls, circling to see who makes the first move.”

“Well . . . I don’t know his history, but I think he’s extremely dangerous, even missing an arm. I may be a lot bigger than him and undoubtedly a lot stronger, but that isn’t all there is to being a threat. I think he’s someone I’d like to keep on the good side of.”

“What are you two talking about?” asked Maghen.

“Sorry, Maghen,” said Heather, switching back to Caedelli. “I was just saying how dangerous the man missing an arm looks, and Mark agreed.”

Eager to change topics, Mark said, “Let’s go ahead and settle ourselves here. There seems to be a question whether the message gets to Kolsko today or tomorrow. For now, we can make the best of where we are.”

“Hot water,” said Heather. “They said food and water would be brought, but we could ask for anything we wanted. How about enough hot water to clean up? I suppose enough for baths is too much to hope for, but I’d settled for enough so that I could strip down and use a cloth.”

“Great idea, Heather,” said Maghen. “I was thinking the same thing, and I knew it would never occur to Mark.”

He let the snide comment pass and turned toward the main door. “I’ll go ask.”
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2 months ago

Comment on Facebook

Kales needs fo put some cream on his balls for his itching

Surely there is someone trying to turn your books into movies or an EPIC series. ?!? Come film it in NZ and let me be an extra.

Awesome! I'll start listening to the previous ones again.

Long may it wave. Love the audiobooks Olan!

Can't wait

Thank you for the preview!

Can’t wait to get it. Looking forward to purchasing it and adding it on to my collection of audio books.

Sitting like a crack addict waiting for my next fix with this book 🤣. Checking Amazon every few hours 🤣.

Awesome can't wait! I will start re-reading all six books now! (even though I've read them like 5x each already!)

WE WUBS U!! 😉 * brain overloaded by "Anyar rush" * 😛

Yeah!! I love this series. Please, please tell me more about the Aliens and those egg shaped stones.

Caedellium Rules!

Ahhhh I need it nowwww lol, can't wait!

I am so pumped. I can't wait. I'm just so excited.

Thank you sir

MORE. I want more. 😢

Super excited!!!!

Ordered it today!!!

Just finished rereading all 6 books, started with 6 then 1-5. I am so excited.😂😎👍😷

So excited to hear this meet up!!!!!

I'll pay double to get it a week early! Lol

I am increasing the frequency of refreshes on Amazon. Not sure if Olan is still formatting or if the book is sitting in Amazon's approval queue - Do they approve on the weekend?

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